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> davidedmundson wrote in SettingsBase.cpp:82
> > qreal factor = qBound(1.0, 
> > QGuiApplication::primaryScreen()->devicePixelRatio()/96., 3.0);
> I know you were told to change to this, but don't do that.
> Qt will scale the size you give it here by the devicePixelRatio. This is 
> scaling it twice which we don't want to do.
> We shouldn't need to be doing any custom high DPI code in window sizing.

So should I just run the "preferred size" (1024x760) through the `boundedTo` 
function for odd-sized screens? In other words, ditch the scale factor 
completely? As in:

  const QSize screenSize = 
  const QSize targetSize = QSize(1024, 700);
  return targetSize.boundedTo(screenSize);

I thought I'd ask before updating the diff for the 19th time.  :-)

  R124 System Settings


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