Dear all

I have recently switched to relying on user-setup for Emacs and I' m very pleased about it. However, I realized that it does not install ocp-index keymap as defined in <>. Is it planned to update user-setup to deal with this?

More globally, the merlin and ocp-* tools experience is really a huge improvement over the past (event though Tuareg was already very nice) but I think things may be misleading for newcomers or casual users: - installing merlin and ocp-* tools directly through opam ends up with configuration instructions being displayed on the console by opam - but these are different from the corresponding documentation for these packages (available on their respective web pages)
- and user-setup uses yet another Elisp code to setup the environment.

I guess it is quite tedious to do but getting all the standard setup made through user-setup would be great; both other ways could for instance be described explicitly on their respective web pages (and opam installation messages) as reserved for experts who don't want to rely on user-setup.

Thanks again for the good work,


David Chemouil
ONERA/DTIM, Université de Toulouse
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