Hi Alan

some progress

I removed the PRIVATE keyword from

      target_link_libraries(plplotqt PRIVATE plplot ${MATH_LIB})

and those errors went away

However, now I get this one

-- Found unsuitable Qt version "5.5.1" from 

I do not find anywhere in the code where this message comes from 

Cmake does generate a Visual Studio solution, but without the Qt files



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> On 2016-10-12 09:03-0400 Pedro Vicente wrote:
>> Hi Alan
>> yes, that was what I did,  a clone of the git master from
>> https://sourceforge.net/p/plplot/plplot/ci/master/tree/
>> I'll try again later today
> Hi Pedro:
> I have put this discussion back on the plplot-devel list since I
> assume the Qt5 users like Hazen that are lurking there will be
> interested.
> I now realize that a similar issue has come up before (look for the
> subject line of "Qt5 / cmake error" in January this year in the
> plplot-devel archive).  Hazen's workaround was to drop the offending
> PRIVATE keyword from the target_link_libraries command in his commit
> 5d27ac4. What is new in your case is you are using static libraries so
> it is a different target_link_libraries command where the issue
> occurs.  So I suggest you try a similar workaround (remove either the
> PRIVATE or PUBLIC keyword from the command) for the offending PLplot
> target_link_libraries command reported in your error message.
> Note a more fundamental fix for this issue of mixing of plain and
> keyword signatures for the target_link_libraries commands is to
> complete reimplement how we support Qt5 in our build system.  The
> issue is Qt5 supports ~5 different ways of building Qt5-using
> libraries, and we currently use one of the oldest of those methods
> (suitable for CMake-2) which uses the plain target_link_libraries
> signature and which therefore does not work with our keyworded version
> of the same command. But our minimum CMake version is now in the
> CMake-3 range which allows us to move to the most modern method
> supported by Qt5.  So once I do that, I think this mixed plain and
> keyword issue will simply disappear, and I will be able to reverse
> Hazen's workaround.  But I am not sure I can deal
> with this before the release of PLplot-5.12.0 so for now you have to
> use workarounds for Qt5 (which is still only experimentally supported
> by PLplot, after all, with Qt4 being the tried and true library that
> we still recommend to our users).
> @Hazen and other Qt5 users here.  Once I move to the latest Qt5 cmake
> support methods, we will be on much less shaky ground with Qt5, but I
> will still consider our Qt5 support to be experimental because there
> are still text alignment issues which I have worked around with a
> semiempirical displacement of text compared to the Qt4 case.  See
> discussion in commentary of bindings/qt_gui/plqt.cpp concerning
> "Empirical Y offset".
> It's possible the issue is the default text alignment we are using for
> Qt5 is not correct, and we have to do some specific library startup
> for the Qt5 case to make its text alignment consistent with the Qt4
> text alignment.
> @Hazen: Would you be willing to look at this possibility?
> Of course, we could also just be up against a Qt5 text alignment bug
> which means if/when Qt5 fixed that hypothesized bug, our semiempirical
> text displacement would have to be adjusted to zero to compensate. So
> this is a strong possibility to look at if Qt5 users find that text
> alignment is suddenly poor when they upgrade their Qt5 version.
> Alan
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