On 2016-10-12 20:14-0400 Pedro Vicente wrote:

> Hi Alan
> some progress
> I removed the PRIVATE keyword from
>     target_link_libraries(plplotqt PRIVATE plplot ${MATH_LIB})
> and those errors went away

Hi Pedro:

Glad you found that workaround.

> However, now I get this one
> -- Found unsuitable Qt version "5.5.1" from 
> I:/qt-win32-msvc2015/bin/qmake.exe
> I do not find anywhere in the code where this message comes from 
> Cmake does generate a Visual Studio solution, but without the Qt files

Just a guess (see further discussion below), but try changing 5.2.0 to
5.5.1 in these two files:

./src/plplotConfig.cmake:  find_package(Qt5 5.2.0 COMPONENTS Svg Gui 
./cmake/modules/qt.cmake:    find_package(Qt5 5.2.0 COMPONENTS Svg Gui 

Now for that further discussion.  The CMake documentation for
find_package says this about that second (version) argument.

The `[version]` argument requests a version with which the package found
should be compatible [...]

I assume how that argument is interpreted is idiosyncratic to whatever
package is being found.  But in this Qt5 case I thought Qt5 versions
were always supposed to be backwards compatible with prior Qt5
versions.  That is, Qt developers are supposed to bump the major
number (5 for the Qt5 case) of their version triplet only for the
extremely rare case where they introduce backwards incompatibilities
(e.g., when they moved from Qt4 to Qt5 development). So from that
argument I would have thought 5.2.0 would cover _any_ Qt5 version of
5.2.0 or higher. So bumping that version argument to 5.5.1 as in my
guess above might make a difference, but I cannot see why.  So it is
unfortunately a case of try it and see....

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