On 09/22/2016 04:58 AM, Tom Schoonjans wrote:
> Thanks for the fast reply.
> I appreciate that you want to make sure that all newly implemented features 
> have been properly tested before making the next release. Surely we can all 
> benefit from that.
> However, since a new release is at least a month from now, I still would like 
> to urge you to release a maintenance release (5.11.2) in the meantime, which 
> branches off the commit tagged as ‘plplot-5.11.1’ and cherrypicks the two 
> commits (and possibly other bugfixes) from master to ensure it builds 
> properly with CMake 3.6.
> On a side note, I am also wondering if it would be possible to set up a 
> mirror of the repository on GitHub? The fork and pull-request system is 
> extremely good for collaboration. Also, it would be trivial to implement 
> continuous integration support with e.g. Travis-CI and AppVeyor, which should 
> really make testing a lot easier. I would gladly help out with that.
> Best regards,
> Tom

We have been trying to maintain a linear history with git following the 
process explained in the README.developers file. I think that the fork 
and pull-request system would break this?

Also, I have been maintaining an unofficial mirror here:

And we do have a PLplot organization on github, though we've not done 
much with it:

I am not familiar with Travis-CI or AppVeyor but they sound interesting.


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