Hello **Pluggies**! 

With Tejas's talk on Mastering the terminal, Capture the flag activity held by 
Gaurav and the cake
cutting done for **Debian Buster** release everything was just soothing in the 
last meetup. 

I would just like to take the opportunity to thank everyone involved in making 
the meetup truly
knowledgable. Thank you guys :)

Being pumped-up with the previous response we Tejas, Suraj, Dhanesh and 
myself(Purnesh) are
thinking of arranging a PLUG Meetup to enlighten you on **VIM + Regex** and 
would like to create
awareness on **Privacy and Security**. 

"The topics we would like to propose are as follows:" 
* VIM + Regex 
1. Modes, Motions and operations 
2. Splits and Windows 
3. Registers and Buffers 
4. LSP 
5. Term Options 
* Privacy and Security Awareness 
* 21st Century has bought everything at our finger tips. But along with this 
ease it has also
bought bacteria which we need to fight against. I hope you got the metaphor ;) 
There will be a
session on how to protect your privacy, along with some tips and tricks to 
secure yourself from
being a victim against online frauds. 

We have still not finalised the date and venue for this Meetup everyone is 
welcomed for their

Also we are open to other ideas and suggestions on this meetup all the planning 
happens on

Please do come down and express your suggestions. 

Thanks and Regards,

Purnesh Berde(werper on #pluggies)
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