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> Hi,
> I suggest that we plan for Software freedom day. This time it falls on
> 21st September 2019.
> We can go ahead with a full day event.
I think that's a great idea. We can hold a workshop for engineering
students or similar kind-of audience.
Engaging with college students to promote open-source technologies like
*tor/IRC* or softwares like *GIMP/kdenlive* or a workshop based on
*bash-scripting* will benefit everyone.
We can also conduct a Capture-the-Flag activity.

> Today is 12th, this gives us more than a month to go ahead with the event,
> promotion, looking for speakers and workshop etc.
Python Pune is also planning for similar activities next month. Perhaps, we
can propose a collaborative event? This will help us gain access to a
larger and more diverse audience.

Tejas Sanap
(whereistejas on Freenode)

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