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>Hello **Pluggies**! 
>With Tejas's talk on Mastering the terminal, Capture the flag activity
>held by Gaurav and the cake
>cutting done for **Debian Buster** release everything was just soothing
>in the last meetup. 
>I would just like to take the opportunity to thank everyone involved in
>making the meetup truly
>knowledgable. Thank you guys :)

Good to hear that the meetup was good. I miss PLUG meets, wonderful to know 
that it is going good.
>Being pumped-up with the previous response we Tejas, Suraj, Dhanesh and
>myself(Purnesh) are
>thinking of arranging a PLUG Meetup to enlighten you on **VIM + Regex**
>and would like to create
>awareness on **Privacy and Security**. 
>"The topics we would like to propose are as follows:" 
>* VIM + Regex 
I wish I would have taken an Emacs talk/workshop as a successor to this meetup. 

>1. Modes, Motions and operations 
>2. Splits and Windows 
>3. Registers and Buffers 
>4. LSP 
>5. Term Options 
>* Privacy and Security Awareness 
>* 21st Century has bought everything at our finger tips. But along with
>this ease it has also
>bought bacteria which we need to fight against. I hope you got the
>metaphor ;) There will be a
>session on how to protect your privacy, along with some tips and tricks
>to secure yourself from
>being a victim against online frauds. 
>We have still not finalised the date and venue for this Meetup everyone
>is welcomed for their
>Also we are open to other ideas and suggestions on this meetup all the
>planning happens on

>Please do come down and express your suggestions. 
>Thanks and Regards,
>Purnesh Berde(werper on #pluggies)
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