>>>>> "Dick" == Dick Steffens <d...@dicksteffens.com> writes:

Dick> Two times over the last three days my machine has dropped its
Dick> Ethernet connection. It doesn't say it's dropped, but I can't see
Dick> beyond the machine, not even other machines in the house. Using
Dick> the widget on the top bar on the Ubuntu MATE 16.04 screen I
Dick> manually drop and then reconnect, and all is well again.

Dick> I've never had this happen on other machines running various
Dick> versions of Ubuntu. Any ideas on where to look to see why the
Dick> connection is dropping?

Do you still have a dhcp lease?  That is, is there a reasonable ip
address attached to the interface?  Do you have a link?  When you say
"dropped" does that mean to anywhere?  Do you have a default route?

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