On 02/02/2018 08:06 PM, Michael Barnes wrote:
In short, there is no such thing as privacy on the internet, period. If he
wants to look at anything anywhere on the internet, any information on his
computer is subject to retrieval. I would suggest he acquire a separate
computer (preferably running Linux) and put absolutely no user identifiable
information on it, i.e. user Fred Flinstone, address Bedrock, etc. Create a
new email for the purpose, like fredf100...@gmail.com, and use that system
for all internet activity. Whatever personal info is gleaned from that
computer is worthless and he will have nothing to worry about. Of course he
will have to create new YouTube, Facebook, etc. accounts. That's the cost
of "privacy".

I do not know if you are "PARANOID" or "ACCURATE".
As I compulsively avoid social media, I've no idea of what questions to ask to determine what is happening.

Thanks for the efforts.

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