I just wanted to sync Firefox from my laptop to the new drive on my
desktop. On the laptop I tried to sign in to sync, but (as usual) I had
forgotten the password. Sadly Firefox has also forgotten the account,
at least all three e-mail addresses that I tried resulted in 'unknown

OK, fine, I'll just create a new account. The page required a name and
a password, which I supplied, but it also wanted my age. I thought that
was rather nosy, so I left it blank. Oh so sorry, Firefox
apologetically informed me that I can't leave the age blank. OK, fine,
I entered 0 in the age slot and hit enter.

Aargh! That resulted in a page informing me of a federal law to protect
children and since I was violating it Firefox would not create an
account for me. I tried to go back and enter something like '21' in the
age blank, but I'm blocked; the 'create account' page will no longer
even appear.

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