As soon as I click on start, the computer freezes--no mouse, no keyboard
reaction.  The power button is all I could find to break the ice.  Reliably
repeatable.  The VB logs are empty.

My laptop  has the same OS (Ubuntu 16.04), same VBox, same win2k guest;
works fine.  I have tried to compare the settings between the two systems,
and they are almost alike.  What I see different that seems unusual is that
the desktop system under Storage/IDE controller shows Win2kSP2 Clone.vdi
and Empty for the Secondary Master, whereas the laptop shows
VboxGuestAdditons_5.0.18.iso  I was certain that I installed the guest
additions on the desktop.  VB had run fine up until this latest attempt.  I
will go looking for the guest additions.

I would appreciate ideas on how to investigate this.

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