> I agree with the ESD idea.  I set up my 'scope with an unshielded DMM
> lead spread across the desk in front of the keyboard.  I can see very fast
> in the few volt range, but what seems to trigger the wake from suspend are
> slower, lower events.  No solid correlations, however.  And the grounding
> not seem to help.  Might running the USB cable from the keyboard to the
> computer through a toroid help?  (I would need a big toroid to pass the
big USB
> plug.)

This discussion reminds me of how picking up my water bottle from the cup
holder in the center console of my Honda CRV will often cause the "radio" to
switch from playing CDs to FM radio. I have experimented some and it is NOT
my accidentally hitting the FM button with the water bottle, it's proximity.

Your keyboard may have a flaky solder joint so that connection is more
susceptible to EMI noise.


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