A while ago I bought a Dell Optiplex 360 from FreeGeek and I'm now
starting to configure it as a backup server/workstation. The current BIOS
version is A02 (from 2009) and I downloaded the A06 (2011) version and put
that on my bootable DOS USB flash drive.

  In the Dell BIOS configuration's boot drive sequence there is no option
for an external USB device. The only two options are
        1 Internal or external USB cdrom drive
        2 Internal SATA hard drive

  I tried to add a third option of external USB drive but no joy there. How
can I upgrade the BIOS using DOS if the system will not recognize the thumb
drive as present and bootable?

  If you've upgraded the BIOS on a Dell desktop from a USB thumb drive
please share with me how you accomplished this.

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