On Sat, Mar 17, 2018 at 7:36 PM, John Jason Jordan <joh...@gmx.com> wrote:
> One problem with sshfs is that the instructions said to install this
> and that and everything went well until apt-get gave me an 'unable to
> locate package error.' I might have been able to overcome the error by
> finding the package somewhere, but I decided to just hang it up until
> the Clinic. There were too many commands that I didn't understand. Even
> when they worked I had no idea what they were doing. And bear in mind
> that the desktop has 17.10, while the laptop has 14.04. I intend to
> upgrade both to 18.04 when it is released, but the laptop upgrade is
> not a task that I am looking forward to.

I would imagine (imagine being the operative term here) that there might be
some issues with your old os on the laptop having old versions with old
configurations of packages.
As far as finding a package you can't find, try apt-cache search <*and get
creative with your search terms.  minimum identifying characters of package
name, or something that might be in the description>*
Nowadays, in Debian and Ubuntu, you might use apt search and apt install
instead of apt-get and apt-cache .  Not sure if apt is present in 14.04
there is also the backports repository you can add, which might have your
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