bpa wrote: 
> Audio and Metadata/ image comes from two different sources - so having
> one does not imply the other.
> Counter on GUI does not mean anyhting - it will always start counting
> before connection is made.
> Any message in the log file.
> Are you in the UK ? Which menu did you try to play ?
> What OS ?
> What version of LMS ?
> What sort of player ?  
> Can player play Flac file from LMS server ?

Thanks for reply and for your tremendous work!

I'll check the logs this evening

Played the Radio 3 Flac, live stream menu, under Radio 3 (which works)
LMS 7.9.1 running on Ubuntu 16.04
Squeezelite running on Armbian
Local fllac plays fine at 16/44.1, 16/48, 24/*, etc

I'll keep digging into other causes, so unless the logs throw up
something special, please ignore. I just wanted to check expected



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