Axel Foley wrote: 
> This is great news Martin. Will you put up the synology repository
> again? Would be great if we can install from DSM's interface again. Sorry, 
> but it's a no.

> One question: I have the synology Logitech Media Server Version: 7.9.1 -
> 1503129892 version.
> The package manager tells me there's a new 7.9.1-166 version but
> doesn't offer me the upgrade.
> I tried upgrading downloading your x86_64 version here:
> but when I
> install, it tells me that the installed version is newer. 
> I was thinking to uninstall and reinstall your version, but if you will
> publish the repository again, I'll wait for the weekend. :)
> Is there a way to export LMS config, reinstall from scratch, and import
> the config?
If you have LmsRepack running: no.
If you have LmsUpdate running: yes. You can copy your settings to an
accessable folder, remove the current install, install the new version.
Make sure LMS isn't running, and replace the settings.
See the wiki page for what to copy:

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