bpa wrote: 
> What version of plugin ?
> What settings ?
> Have you changed the default Settings/Advanced/Filetypes AAC setting ? 
> Can it still play native ? 
> Does this happen on a single Touch/Radio  player, not synced ?
> What other plugins installed ?
> BBC audio is at 48kHz- it "feels" like audio is being played back at
> 44.1kHz  - this can happen if LMS settings are changed so that a player
> should play in PCM and not in Flac or native codecs.

Thanks for speedy response.

I'm running BBC iPlayer (

Configured thus:

Live stream Dash>HLS>MP3>FlashAAC
On Demand Dash>HLS


AAC Disabled
FLAC Disabled
MP3 Disabled
PCM faad

Other plugins:

BBC iPlayer Extra
Date & Time
Network Test
Visualiser Screensaver

The phenomenon occurs across the estate, with different devices running
independently. Coincidentally I cannot get synchronisation to stick, and
have to re-enable it manually each time I want to use it.


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