sternenjaeger wrote: 
> So perhaps this would be a good and not to time consuming next test:
> Start the playback on the radio. Then, while it is playing, try to
> remote control it via browser or an Android/ iPhone / Windows app.
> Repeatedly  change tracks and the position in track. The radio should
> follow this commands immediately. If it doesn't, then this is a network
> / wifi isssue.
That was a good idea. I was testing by switching the same track between
devices, but with your suggestion I checked how the radio coped with
switching tracks, one being Bookmarked. The radio often restarted the
Bookmarked track from the beginning, so that really narrows things down.
I'll swap that radio for another one, and see if it misbehaves too.

As part of my fiddling round, I discovered that the plugin is very
robust to stop-starts on my other devices (Boom), whereas because of my
experience with the radio I had formed the view it was a bit
temperamental. Sorry to misjudge it!

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