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> @garym thank you. I noticed this after my sonicTransporter series server
> updated to 7.9.1-0.7.20180404git1522249619.fc22 ... I wonder if there's
> any connection, to the 7.9.1 update in general or to the
> Vortexbox/sonicTransporter/etc. platform specifically.  Anyone with a
> different server type seeing this?

I haven't updated my 7.9.1 on my vortexbox for 9 months. so that's not
it.  But the plot thickens.  When my transporter is selected, my options

lossless flac
mp3 192

when my Touch is selected as player I get:

lossless flac
320 AAC
128 AAC

So the options are based on player capabilities it seems.   Note that
the above is also true when I instead run LMS on a windows 10 laptop
(with August 2017 version of 7.9.1) NOTE:  on none of these do I get the
"play something else" or HD artwork options.

*Home:* VortexBox 4TB (2.4) > LMS 7.9.1 > Transporter, Touch, Boom,
Radio (all ethernet)
*Cottage:* VBA 3TB (2.4) > LMS 7.9.1 > Touch > Benchmark DAC I, Boom,
Radio w/Battery (all ethernet except Radio)
*Office:* Win8(64) > LMS 7.9.1 > Squeezelite
*Spares:* Transporter, Touch(3), Radio(3), Boom, SB3, CONTROLLER
*Controllers:* iPhone6 & iPadAir2 (iPeng & Squeezepad), CONTROLLER, or
SqueezePlay 7.8 on Win10(64) laptop
*Files:* ripping: dbpoweramp > FLAC; post-rip: mp3tag, PerfectTunes;
Streaming: Spotify
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