garym wrote: 
> I haven't updated my 7.9.1 on my vortexbox for 9 months. so that's not
> it.  But the plot thickens.  When my transporter is selected, my options
> are:
> lossless flac
> mp3 192
> when my Touch is selected as player I get:
> lossless flac
> 320 AAC
> 128 AAC
> So the options are based on player capabilities it seems.   Note that
> the above is also true when I instead run LMS on a windows 10 laptop
> (with August 2017 version of 7.9.1) NOTE:  on none of these do I get the
> "play something else" or HD artwork options.I can't try at the moment but 
> don't you get 'play something different'
from the context menu?

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