Hi Michael

I returned from a few weeks away to find Spotty no longer working - all
Searches return blank.  I went to Setting-Advanced-Spotty and saw:
'There has been a problem running the Spotty helper application. Most
likely your operating system and/or platform is not supported. Please
report the following details to me: (see below)

Are you ablr to please advise?  Also what plugins from which source - I
couldn't seem to find that info on the various "Announce" pages," 

Operating system: piCore / armv7l-linux

Helper Applications Folder:

I am running LMS under piCorePlayer on a Raspberry pi.    Not sure which
version of Spotty, as I can't seem to locate it in the Plugins
Logitech Media Server Version: 7.9.1 - 1504317335 @ Sat Sep 2 10:55:53
UTC 2017
Hostname: piCorePlayer
Server IP Address:
Server HTTP Port Number: 9000
Operating system: piCore - EN - utf8
Platform Architecture: armv7l-linux
Perl Version: 5.24.0 - arm-linux-gnueabihf-thread-multi-64int
Audio::Scan: 0.95
Database Version: DBD::SQLite 1.34_01 (sqlite
Total Players Recognized: 3

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