BenMation wrote: 
> Hello there,
> I am currently experimenting on a AirPlay Multiroom setup using M2P with
> LMS and AirPlay Bridge. Source (MacBook or iPhone) using AirPlay > RPi
> (M2P & LMS installed) > AirPlay enabled speakers (Sonos,Marantz,Denon).
> AirPlay bridge has resolved my LMS > Speakers problem. However, I now do
> not know how to use the AirPlay data that has been sent to M2P using
> ShairTunes. Ideally, I would like to use the AirPlay audio and pipe it
> to LMS. This will allow my AirPlay audio to be broadcasted to multiple
> speakers. Is there anyone who has any idea how I can go about
> configuring this. Many thanks!!
> Benny

Sonos isn't airplay enabled ...

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