philippe_44 wrote: 
> Go to the plugin settings (reachable through the LMS settings page, tab
> advanced, then select Shairtunes2W on the dropdown list on the left).
> Here you can check "enable all squeezelite-based players" and select the
> ones you want. Can you remind me exactly what players want to
> synchronize together? You can take an AirPlay device, transform it to a
> SB player with AirPlay bridge and then transform it again to an AirPlay
> device with Shairtunes2W, synchronize it with other devices that have
> been through the same morphing and finally use you iPhone to send audio
> to one of these sync'd devices, but that is involving a lot of
> transcoding and that's a pretty goofy configuration. I cannot guarantee
> that it will work reliably

Okay so I currently am trying to link up my Apple TV 4, Marantz speaker
and another CuBox installed with shairport-sync in Debian. So it will be
something like this. 

SOURCE (MacBook) > RPi (M2P & LMS) > Speakers (Marantz/Apple TV 4/CuBox)

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