dora89 wrote: 
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  >   > 
  > [18-05-17 07:42:11.0029] Plugins::Spotty::Connect::Daemon::_checkStartTimes 
(102) The spotty helper has crashed 3 times within less than 5 minutes - 
disable local announcement of the Connect daemon.
> > 

That would confirm that the spotty helper is crashing. Could you please
enable plugin.spotty=INFO in Settings/Advanced/Logging? You should then
see the command used to launch the helper. Would the same run if
launched from a terminal session?

And could you please override the plugin's choice of spotty helper? In
Settings/Advanced/Spotty you can tell it what helper application to use.
I would assume it's using the 64 bit version. Could you give "spotty"
another try?

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