PasTim wrote: 
> As I understand it sync isn't possible with UPnP - a pain, I know.
> I assume you are using LMS as a DLNA/UPnP server, with the specific
> plugin (DLNA/UPnP Media Interface) for that. I've rarely used it, but
> can't say I've noticed it come and go.  Is LMS itself up and stable?  Is
> there anything in the LMS log when it goes away (see the Settings,
> Information tab, and at the bottom "Logitech Media Server Log File")?
> As to stutters, see the UPnP Bridge log (same place as all the bridge
> settings), and also the main LMS log.  Copy bits to a post here for
> philippe to have a look at.

I will see what logs i can find and post them here, thanks very much..

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