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> Hi,
> Sorry if this has been discussed already somewhere in the previous 175
> pages. I have had a search but couldn't find anything.
> I have a shiny new Yamaha RX-V683 AV receiver with built in DLNA
> renderer. It's great except it only supports ALAC up to 24/96 and
> doesn't support replay gain.
> The vast majority of my music library is ALAC with quite a bit of hires
> stuff, some over 96kHz and all of it tagged with replaygain data.
> I was hoping the best way to get around this would be to have everything
> converted to pcm on the fly with replaygain taken into account. I've
> followed the replaygain instructions in the bride user guide with some
> success. The streams seem to be transcoded to PCM but hires streams
> produce REALLY loud, distorted music. Other music sounds great. 
> I have included the bridge log from startup, playing a 16 bit track
> followed by a 24/96. The only thing I can see that seems a bit odd is
> that the bridge doesn't seem to detect that the renderer is capable of
> 24bit playback, which it is. At least according to the specs found here:
> So, is this best way to achieve what I'm looking for?
> Any help appreciated.
> Thanks

It does not advertise itself as 24 bits, at least in UPnP mode. You can
try to change "PCM format" to "wav" in the plugin setings, for *that*
player but wav comes with potentially a lot of other issues when used in
streaming mode (which is sort of necessary here). If you really want HR,
you'd need that, but otherwise, I'd recommend moving to AirPlay mode and
using my AirPlay bridge. Yes, it's limited to 16/44.1 which will not
make a real difference (don't want to start a flame war here, just my
opinion) and will work much more easily and give you replaygain, sync,
fade modes etc.

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