drgeoff wrote: 
> I cannot speak for the Jongo S3X but it is known that some Jongos do
> play FLACs even though that is not in the specs nor in the capabilities
> they report. (See earlier posts by Castalla.) My own Jongo A2s played
> FLACs when I set things up last year.  Adding the
> <allow_flac>1</allow_flac> line and selecting the stream_length 10000000
> mode were the keys.
> I assume the Extra Mime Types is a more general replacement for the
> first of those.  The GUI does not offer the second.  It is possible to
> add <stream_length>1000000000</stream_length> to the config file by
> manual edit.  However that gets nuked by the GUI's value when 'Apply' is
> clicked.

I just found an error with a HTTP header, where one item which is
supposed to be case-sentitive have the wrong case. It was probably
correct prior to version 0.3. I'm uploading a to see if it was a
simple as that ...

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