mherger wrote: 
> >JiveLite/SqueezePlay can't display web pages. They don't have a browser
> built-in.
> (but yes, Opera's mobile team at the time paid us a visit to discuss 
> this option, when Opera mobile was great eg. on Nokia's phones, before 
> the iPhone arrived :-D)

Bummer.  That's what I figured unfortunately.  Would it be technically
possible to run a standard OS on the Pi that could switch into Jivelite
(instead of running PCP)? I'm thinking have the Pi boot directly into
kiosk mode displaying MagicMirror and having a button in there to launch
Jivelite. Then when you quit Jivelite have it go back to the browser. I
suppose another alternative would be to just have an iframe in MM that
shows the material skin.

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