2+5 wrote: 
> Bummer.  That's what I figured unfortunately.  Would it be technically
> possible to run a standard OS on the Pi that could switch into Jivelite
> (instead of running PCP)? I'm thinking have the Pi boot directly into
> kiosk mode displaying MagicMirror and having a button in there to launch
> Jivelite. Then when you quit Jivelite have it go back to the browser. I
> suppose another alternative would be to just have an iframe in MM that
> shows the material skin.
> Edit: just adding that I don't actually need squeezelite running.  I
> have a bunch of airport expresses connected to in-ceiling speakers. 
> Just want a touchscreen to control them and provide a relevant dashboard
> (time/weather/calendar) when not listening to music.

Do you mean, like this?


and in use I just minimise it. I can't run it as a seperate program.

I think it's possible with Squeezeplay from Ralphy, but would need more
work, I think, to run as a program.


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