pinkdot wrote: 
> The 7.9.2 version in combination with DSM6 runs far better on low entry
> nas than the 7.7.6 version. It's worth a try.
> Just make sure no indexing is done in the background by other services
> to get a good idea of what is possible with the DS115j and LMS.OK... I will 
> give it a try!
If there is a guide how to install downloaded apps on a Synology NAS I
would appreciate a link.
Thank you.

Main system: Synology
DS115j/MacMini[SSD_8GB](LMS)/RPi3B+[LPS](piCore)/M2Tech EvoDAC
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Head-Fi: Schiit Vali2/Sennheiser HD600 & HD25Alum/Audeze Sine.
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