Would you suggest LMS 7.9.2 to run on a DS115j? It’s quite entry
level with very little RAM.
I tried with the old version that Synology offers for install but it was
slow and unresponsive.
May be the newer version works better?
I have about 1.7TB of music in my NAS.
For now I am running LMS in an old Mac mini but I am searching for the
optimal machine.
NAS, Mac mini, rpi4... or what. (I have mentioned the question in some
other threads ... sorry for the repetitive question but I am trying to
find the best solution ... sound wise first of al. If this has something
to do with sons anyway)

It would be very convenient if LMS could run ok on the nas though!!

Thank you!!!

Main system: Synology
DS115j/MacMini[SSD_8GB](LMS)/RPi3B+[LPS](piCore)/M2Tech EvoDAC
Two+[LPS]/Densen DM20&30/Spendor SP2/3E
Head-Fi: Schiit Vali2/Sennheiser HD600 & HD25Alum/Audeze Sine.
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