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> If you are happy with 128k mp3 and only one of the 4 mixes provided by
> Radio Paradise you don't need the plugin. The plugin gives access to
> higher quality FLAC and AAC streams and Main, Mellow, Rock and Eclectic
> mixes. It can also allow skipping tracks. Give it a try.
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I forgot about the additional streams. Good point. But one is not
limited to 128k without the plugin. Without the plugin one can stream
320 MP3 or 192 AAC or 192 MP3. I’ve saved all these streams as favorites
in LMS. 

Go to and you can copy all the appropriate stream url
links for these higher bit rate streams (all of them other than FLAC).

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*Cottage:* VBA 3TB (2.4)>LMS 7.9.1>Touch>Benchmark DAC I, Boom, Radio
w/Battery (ethernet, Radio WIFI)
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*The Wild (no internet): *PiCorePlayer 4.0 on rPi 3B+, hifiberry
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Streaming: Spotify
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