garym wrote: 
> I forgot about the additional streams. Good point. But one is not
> limited to 128k without the plugin. Without the plugin one can stream
> 320 MP3 or 192 AAC or 192 MP3. I’ve saved all these streams as favorites
> in LMS. 
> Go to and you can copy all the appropriate stream url
> links for these higher bit rate streams (all of them other than FLAC).
> EDIT. actually just looking you can get all the various mixes at up to
> 320k AAC without the plugin.  See links here. Simply save url and add as
> favorite in LMS. 
> can get access to aac 
> streams without the plugin but not the way the
OP is accessing it. I also used 320k aac streams before the plugin
existed but now it does exist it is much easier to use it.

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