I looked at the Github page and it seems like this is not supported
under Windows. What is not clear to me: is it that it won't work, or no
one ever did the job of figuring out how to get this to work on Windows

apnar wrote: 
> If anyone is interested I modified larks Docker container to include all
> the dependancies needed to run this plugin:
> https://hub.docker.com/r/apnar/logitech-media-server/
> Once you fire it up you just need to add askvictor's repo URL and
> activate the plugin.

I'm not familiar with Docker, but would that allow me to run LMS with
Google Play Music support on a Windows server ?
I want to switch from Spotify to Google Play Music because Google
supports Direct Carrier Billing so I can pay my subscription with unused
phone credit. Am a bit disappointed now to learn that getting Google
Play to work with my Squeezebox is not straightforward at all,
definitely on Windows.

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