askvictor wrote: 
> I don't see any _inherent_ reason it wouldn't work under Windows, but
> no-one's really bothered to try. Perl's Inline::Python module seems to
> be the most likely spot you'll stumble. You might be able to get it
> rolling using Cygwin, or if you're running windows 10 anniversary
> edition, it might possibly even work using the Linux Subsystem.
> Another approach would be to spark up a Linux VM using Virtualbox, and
> run your LMS server in that instead of directly in Windows. 
> Hopefully, if and when we move to using gmusicproxy instead of Inline
> Python it would make this proposition a lot easier, but at the moment
> that's just in a 'would be a cool idea' stage, and me not having any
> time to work on it right now :-/

Do you know when you will have time to work on this plugin again?

I still think it would be great if you could add support for LastMix:

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