Squid wrote: 
> I looked at the Github page and it seems like this is not supported
> under Windows. What is not clear to me: is it that it won't work, or no
> one ever did the job of figuring out how to get this to work on Windows
> ?

I don't see any _inherent_ reason it wouldn't work under Windows, but
no-one's really bothered to try. Perl's Inline::Python module seems to
be the most likely spot you'll stumble. You might be able to get it
rolling using Cygwin, or if you're running windows 10 anniversary
edition, it might possibly even work using the Linux Subsystem.

Another approach would be to spark up a Linux VM using Virtualbox, and
run your LMS server in that instead of directly in Windows. 

Hopefully, if and when we move to using gmusicproxy instead of Inline
Python it would make this proposition a lot easier, but at the moment
that's just in a 'would be a cool idea' stage, and me not having any
time to work on it right now :-/

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