I recently noticed that the BBC UK homepage is now showing as encrypted
(using https)

Interested, poking around I located a BBC Blog note written by a Paul
Tweedy, a BBC Lead Technical Architect - see here ''
(http://bbc.in/29GCmEO) explaining the rationale behind the change and
their future intentions.

One particular sentence in his article that caught my eye was under the
heading "Next steps and challenges" and it indicated that they intended
to "Evaluating audio/video delivery via HTTPS"

Obviously there are no detailed indications as to their intentions but
pondering from a position of extreme technical ignorance (and also as an
avid user of the excellent BBC iPlayer and BBC iPlayer Extrax plugins) I
wonder if https was to come to pass if this would have any technical
implications for future streaming and the use of the above plugins.

Any uber geeks out there care to comment ?



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