Quick Question - I Hope!

I have 7.7.3-044 running on 217+ with DSM 5
I have also got an old 409+ which is DSM4 - can't go any higher.

I want to update my 217+ to DSM6, however was rather worried that it did
not support the Logitech Media Server.
It looks like your work, and it seems like a lot of it!, means that one
can still use LMS on later versions of DSM, and in fact use the latest
version of LMS on older versions of DSM (I see the latest supported LMS
for DSM4 was 7.7.3-023)

Is that right?

Apart from keeping it all working on various devices with various
versions of DSM, are there actually any functional changes?

When I look at the changelog, it mostly says "applying github changes",
and it's not clear if there's any end user change?

I ask because I use some booms, some players, some touches, and some
jogglers, and would like to know what might be different / possible.

Many thanks in advance


2 x Booms, 2 x Players, 2 x Touch, 1 x Joggler, LMS running on Synology
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