pinkdot wrote: 
> Hi Dave,
> DS217+, is it out already? 
> I normally just point to the Logitech/slimserver git, a lot of changes
> are bug fixes and not additional features.
> All the changes/new features are listed here:
> Please take a look at the change log and see if there is any reason for 
> you to upgrade. I've also a 7.9 package available for the DS409+. You 
> could install the 7.9 version on that machine first and see what its all
> about.

Oops, DS712+

I always remember that the number of bays was first, and this is 2 bay,
however you can expand to 7...

Yes, I have tried the 7.9 package on the 409+, and can see a few new
things in the settings, nothing groundbreaking, but nice to stay up to
date where possible.

It sounds like the community is developing slimserver, and you're
repackaging for all DSM / DS version combination? Is that what's

2 x Booms, 2 x Players, 2 x Touch, 4 x Joggler, LMS 7.7.3-044 running on
Synology D712+
Bring it back Logitech!
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