wcndave wrote: 
> Quick Question - I Hope!
> I have 7.7.3-044 running on 217+ with DSM 5
> I have also got an old 409+ which is DSM4 - can't go any higher.
> I want to update my 217+ to DSM6, however was rather worried that it did
> not support the Logitech Media Server.
> It looks like your work, and it seems like a lot of it!, means that one
> can still use LMS on later versions of DSM, and in fact use the latest
> version of LMS on older versions of DSM (I see the latest supported LMS
> for DSM4 was 7.7.3-023)
> Is that right?
> Apart from keeping it all working on various devices with various
> versions of DSM, are there actually any functional changes?
> When I look at the changelog, it mostly says "applying github changes",
> and it's not clear if there's any end user change?
> I ask because I use some booms, some players, some touches, and some
> jogglers, and would like to know what might be different / possible.
> Many thanks in advance
> Dave

Hi Dave,

DS217+, is it out already? 
I normally just point to the Logitech/slimserver git, a lot of changes
are bug fixes and not additional features.
All the changes/new features are listed here:
Please take a look at the change log and see if there is any reason for 
you to upgrade. I've also a 7.9 package available for the DS409+. You 
could install the 7.9 version on that machine first and see what its all



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