Hi Paolo/all,

I've been unable to get nfacctd to send the Avro schema to a Kafka topic -
I receive the following message when starting nfacctd:

WARN: [/etc/nfacctd.conf:14] Unknown key: kafka_avro_schema_topic. Ignored.
WARN: [/etc/nfacctd.conf:15] Unknown key: kafka_avro_schema_refresh_time.

Kafka/Avro are otherwise working; the process successfully writes the
schema to a local file specified in avro_schema_output_file, but I'd like
to have it send to a schema topic in the cluster itself if possible.
Version info is below.



INFO ( default/core ): NetFlow Accounting Daemon, nfacctd 1.6.1
INFO ( default/core ):  '--enable-kafka' '--enable-jansson' '--enable-avro'
'KAFKA_LIBS=-L/usr/lib64/ -lrdkafka' 'AVRO_CFLAGS=-I/usr/include/avro'
'AVRO_LIBS=-L/usr/lib -lavro'
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