Hi Stanislaw,

Such a feature exists for sFlow/sfacctd in tee mode but not (yet) for
NetFlow/IPFIX/nfacctd. There are definitely plans to introduce it
already for some time (complexities of the porting include template
management, options, etc.), it should happen later in the year with


On Thu, Mar 01, 2018 at 06:25:15PM +0200, Stanislaw wrote:
> Hi Paolo and the list,
> I have a necessity to filter out traffic data (based on src_as or
> src_net) to an IPFIX collector, capturing everything else. I was
> thinking that nfacctd in tee mode with pre_tag_map would be able to
> do that.
> However, according to pretag.map.example, the filtering is
> restricted while pmacct (nfacctd) is running in 'tee' mode:
> >nfacctd when in 'tee' mode: valid keys: set_tag, set_tag2,
> >set_label, ip, engine_type, engine_id, source_id
> Are there any plans for implementing pre_tag mapping/filtering based
> on packet data (ips, nets, asns etc)?
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