I have a Cisco router running IOS and have NetFlow enabled. What I want
to do is simply collect that data using nfacctd. No biggie, just collect the
data containing the src and dst IP addresses and store it in MySQL. I don't
even need to store it in MySQL, I could simply store it pretty much
anywhere. The problem is that no data is being collected. This is my
nfacctd.conf file:


daemonize: true

#debug: true

networks_file: /usr/local/etc/pmacct/nfacctd.networks

aggregate: src_host,dst_host

nfacctd_port: 2100

plugins: mysql

sql_optimize_clauses: true

sql_table_schema: /usr/local/etc/pmacct/pmacct-create-db_v1.sql

sql_refresh_time: 60

sql_history: 1d

sql_history_roundoff: d

sql_db: accounting

sql_table: tkue_%Y_%m_%d

sql_host: localhost

sql_passwd: root

sql_user: xxxxxxxx


So, my question is, what am I missing? What am I doing wrong? Any insight at
all would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in Advance;

John V.  

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