This has been very, very useful. I can't thank you enough. The problem was 
on the Cisco end. 

Best Regards;

John V.




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I think you need to figure out if nfacctd is receiving any Netflow data at all 
and if it is aggregating it first.


So from a terminal do this


# nfacctd -l 2100


where 2100 is the port to listen for netflow records. it will default to memory 
plugin. you should see a few messages printed out.


make sure you see something like this


OK ( default_memory/memory ): waiting for data on: '/tmp/collect.pipe'


Then in another terminal do this


# pmacct -s -p /tmp/collect.pipe


It should display a nice table of the aggregates it has collected in memory for 
source host.


If everything is ok with the above then you at least know it is getting and 
aggregating Netflow data.





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    I have a Cisco router running IOS and have NetFlow enabled. What I want to 
do is simply collect that data using nfacctd. No biggie, just collect the data 
containing the src and dst IP addresses and store it in MySQL. I don’t even 
need to store it in MySQL, I could simply store it pretty much anywhere. The 
problem is that no data is being collected. This is my nfacctd.conf file:


daemonize: true

#debug: true

networks_file: /usr/local/etc/pmacct/nfacctd.networks

aggregate: src_host,dst_host

nfacctd_port: 2100

plugins: mysql

sql_optimize_clauses: true

sql_table_schema: /usr/local/etc/pmacct/pmacct-create-db_v1.sql

sql_refresh_time: 60

sql_history: 1d

sql_history_roundoff: d

sql_db: accounting

sql_table: tkue_%Y_%m_%d

sql_host: localhost

sql_passwd: root

sql_user: xxxxxxxx


So, my question is, what am I missing? What am I doing wrong? Any insight at 
all would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in Advance;

John V.  

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