I'm having problems where dst_as is always 0 and when src_ip is from the same 
ASN as the dst_ip that also gets set to 0. I'm using the BGP daemon and 
peer_as_src and src_as_path get set correctly as far as i can tell.

I've tried to set and unset bgp_daemon_as without success. There are no bgp 
errors in the log and it connects to the correct bgp agents without any 
problems that I can see.

This is using pmacct 1.7.0

Any idea what I'm doing wrong here?

Nfacctd Config (the relevant parts):
nfacctd_ip: <host ip>
nfacctd_port: 2100
syslog: daemon

nfacctd_net: bgp
nfacctd_as: bgp

bgp_daemon_ip: <host ip>
bgp_daemon_id: <host ip>
bgp_daemon_port: 179
bgp_daemon_max_peers: 10
! bgp_daemon_as: <as number>

bgp_src_as_path_type: bgp
bgp_peer_src_as_type: bgp
bgp_follow_default: 5
bgp_agent_map: bgp_agents.map

plugins: amqp[ingress], amqp[egress]
aggregate[ingress]: peer_src_ip, src_host, dst_host, src_port, dst_port, proto, 
tos, tcpflags, in_iface, out_iface, etype, vlan, flows, export_proto_version, 
dst_as, src_as, src_as_path, peer_src_as, peer_dst_as

bgp_ip=<agent ip> ip=
bgp_ip=<agent ip> ip=

Regards, Grimur
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