Hi Grimur,

The issue you did hit was solved last December and will be part of
upcoming release 1.7.3:


Until the release will be available, you could use 1.7.3-rc2 or master
GitHub code. It is currently left to you to implement a recovery
mechanism in case of crashes - consider spawning pmacct daemons off of
a systemd service would do plenty of the work for you in this sense,
ie. checking (sub-)processes liveliness and restarting the daemon if


On Wed, Apr 10, 2019 at 09:28:50AM +0000, Grímur Daníelsson wrote:
> Hello everyone
> I had this error last night which caused the amqp plugin to crash.
> nfacctd: plugin_common.c:442: P_cache_insert: Assertion `!cache_ptr->stitch' 
> failed.
> WARN ( default/core ): connection lost to 'ingress-amqp'; closing connection.
> After this error occurred the service kept on collecting as if nothing 
> happened but it didn't export anything and so we
> lost all ingress traffic for the night.
> We have another amqp exporter that is for egress traffic which kept trucking 
> along just fine.
> Is there no recovery mechanism in place if an exporter crashes or loses 
> connection?
> Isn't it better to crash the program with a fatal error in these cases?
> Thanks for the help.
> Regards, Grimur

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