I have that code running with 0.9.4, but it prints the following error message 
on the console for almost every PDF I try:
PoDoFo encounter an error. Error: 5 ePdfError_UnexpectedEOF
        Error Description: End of file was reached unxexpectedly.
        #0 Error Source: 
                Information: Expected variant.

(Thrown in the very beginning inside PdfSigIncMemDocument::Write())

I have got the feeling this happens for files bigger than ~25K. I appended one 
very simple PDF to this post I made with Libre Office for testing purposes 
which doesn´t work with this code.

I tried lots of different PDFs from various sources. In only two cases it 
generated a result for me:
->One, where Adobe Reader said the signature is OK, but the whole PDF was shown 
in blank white (just like being empty).
->In the other case, everything was there (even the signature on the binary 
base) , but adobe reader didn't even try to validate it.

My question is: Does this code work for you, especially with the PDF I provide 
as attachment? If yes, is the result viewable in Adobe Reader (with valid 


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