I'm new to the polymer . trying to start my new project using it , but when 
I tried it and used the custom elements I notice that in the HTML when you 
inspect the page elements you see it has a lot of style tags and scripts 

also ,  when viewing the page source the page looks empty , so  
1 ) how the search engine will work with this  ?
2) and the shadow dom won't affect the SEO ?
3) and what about all the style and scripts tags inside the body of the 
page  , won't affect the search engine?


On Wednesday, February 12, 2014 at 11:28:26 PM UTC+4, Alex Komoroske wrote:
> [bcc polymer-announce]
> To date the best way to get questions answered by Polymer experts was to 
> send an e-mail to polymer-dev, our general purpose mailing list. That 
> works, but the questions and answers get mixed in with lots of other 
> e-mails on the list, making them hard to find later--especially for new 
> members of the community.
> That's why we now *recommend that you ask general questions on 
> stackoverflow.com <http://stackoverflow.com>, tagged with "polymer"* (or, 
> if your question is not specific to Polymer, "web components"). The Polymer 
> team will keep an eye out for new questions there and make sure you get an 
> answer. 
> If you want to follow along, you can subscribe to e-mail notifications for 
> the polymer tag on stackoverflow.com (visit 
> http://stackoverflow.com/tags/polymer/info, hover over the 'polymer' tag, 
> and hit 'subscribe').
> Of course, polymer-dev is still a great place to talk about all things 
> Polymer.
> --Alex

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