Since --help is the the topic de jure ...

... adding a popt table processor callback to
transform --help spewage opaquely into whatever
form is desired, with some simple transforms
like HTML tables or DocBook XML markup or YAML
used for configuring persistent option default
settings, or the existing --help spewage, is likely useful.

Most --help display formats aren't /dev/tty these days ... its
more painful to do the /dev/tty plumbing than it is to just
pass along popt table entries to output methods.

Note that a opaque (*help_transform) pluggable callback
is what I propose ... no way do I want to see POPT start
acquiring heavyweight linkages like -lxml2/-lexpat/-lsyck/-lwhatever.

But almost certainly a reasonable API could be added so that
--help transforms, with some reasonably simple (like the existing
--help CLI display) transform vectors within -lpopt explicitly.

73 de Jeff
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